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Mother Nature is a place that brings together our ecological choices. I carefully choose the products, pack with the children and make sure that everything is made of clean and healthy materials just like at home.

First, we pack our shopping in reusable bags, we give up plastic bags in the supermarket, there is no need for disposable plastic bags, it’s polluting and it’s much more fun and pleasant to bring bags from home.

  • Who among us does not drink coffee on the go? But a disposable cup for coffee, even if it is only made of paper, is neither safe nor fun to drink from paper, and beyond the waste it produces, it is filled from the inside with plastic or some type of synthetic wax to prevent water from leaking

    Take a reusable cup with you and ask the cafe to fill your cup for you, they will gladly do so and even praise you for it

    To purchase a reusable thermal cup made from recycled materials that does not contain plastic, click here

Is it true that we all like to drink with a straw?

when going on a picnic
It is recommended to bring an amount from home and it is always great to have a reusable amount in the bag in case we eat out or we regularly eat at the office/school

A wooden sum that comes in a convenient and dedicated case can be obtained here

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