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:Mediatek Corp

Founded in 2005, Mediatek Corporation Ltd. is a leading Trading and Imp&Exp Services Company based in China and Hong-Kong, specializing in developing, manufacturing and purchasing a wide range of products, including Housewares, Home-Textiles, Toys, Decorations, Gifts, Garments, Bags&Fashion Accessories, Car Parts&Accessories, Tools, Construction Materials, Medical, Foods, and more.

Mediatek provides professional trading services with full support, operating as a purchasing agent and QC manager offering various services

Mediatek ‘s head office is located in South China’s center of International Trade business- Guangzhou (Canton), allowing a unique control and China knowledge, and offering supply- chain services and solutions, with an extensive network of offices and port warehouses in Hong- Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Yiwu, Ningbo, Shanghai and Qingdao

  • Implementing innovative business ideas, Mediatek is cooperating with Chinese providers of tailor- made logistics solutions, offering full Transportation Services, Air-Freight, Sea-Freight, Warehouse Loading&Storage, Packings, Inspection and Customs Clearance, all Documentation and license handling, etc’…
  • With special attention on Safety, Reliability and Quality, Mediatek offers new lines of original products, focusing on beautiful designs, high-quality, best-selling products- Developing, Manufacturing and Marketing them with competitive prices, enhancing margin and profitability to its distributors throughout the world.
  • As an Asian-based international company, Mediatek is exceptionally positioned to serve both domestic and international customers in the world’s fastest-growing market

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